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Sketch of Danny Gregory

August 16, 2011

You can view the actual video here. It is titled Death Valley Sketchbook (1 of 2). Danny Gregory is one of my favorite artists. I have purchased a couple books of his already:

An Illustrated Life” which is full of journals from various other artists. It’s really cool, I love looking at other artists’ journals. There is something different about peeking into the journal of an artist than when you view work that was specifically made for public consumption. I believe you get more of a view of the artist and their personality and their life when you can get a view of their journals.

The Creative License” is definitely my go to artist book. I haven’t sat down and read it cover to cover, just have jumped here and there reading excerpts as well as viewing all the wonderful drawings he has in there.

Everyday Matters” his memoir about his wife’s paraplegia and his artistic journey. I am actually in the process of creating my own zine called “Funky Cool Diaries” (more on that soon), which will be a monthly zine that I will be making available for download or print. It’s going to be chronicling my everyday life as an artist as well as my other roles. Just straight to the point. Call it like I see it. But I did read this one and it was an inspiration to read. I hope you guys take time to look at his site here. It is chock full of inspiration and creativity. Love it!

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